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Once Upon A Time (O.U.A.T) is a GOAL and PURPOSE driven Outreach Ministry committed to spreading the Love of Jesus Christ. The intent of O.U.A.T. is to inspire in all persons a Love for Christ by ministering to the needs of the families in our Community.

Our GOAL is to be a resource to families with school aged children in dire need and struggling to provide essential items.

Our PURPOSE is to encourage a desire to GIVE BACK as well as a spirit of volunteerism. Since O.U.A.T. strongly believes in GIVING BACK...the ministry affords our recipient families as well as participants the opportunity to assist in various volunteer positions.

Many times when a family escapes a domestic violence situation, or leaving a homeless shelter they are often forced to leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs, this is the gap that O.U.A.T. desires to fill.

We believe that children need to look and feel the best they can in spite of the circumstances surrounding the family. Therefore we created "BLOOM" a referral based program designed to supply essential items (clothing, school supplies, furniture, etc) to families in need. BLOOM receives families on a referral basis from local public schools, homeless shelters, churches and, other local agencies. 

Three times a year beginning in Winter 2015 The BLOOM CLOSET will open its doors as a second hand Cosignment Shop (with hand picked, meticulously selected NEW and GENTLY USED items) to the public to serve as a Fundraiser to support our efforts at O.U.A.T.

If you know of a family in need who would benefit from O.U.A.T. or if you have fundraising ideas, and/ or interested in volunteering please feel free to contact us below. 


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